We created a way to document, digitize and physically exhibit artworks without the need to move any objects. Cinematic Preview is primarily the documentation of a work of art presented in the form of video projections, itself a work of art and a space for "aesthetic experiences." Forms and images are linked together and shown in a flow, in which it is possible to get lost and travel wherever the images lead. The cinematic flow does not create a narrative to follow but a groove, a state of mind, an open landscape, where no direct indications are given but where it is possible to find coordinates.

The Cinematic Preview is, above all, an instrument of transmission. The work of art is a signal, and the Preview is its transmitter. Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to deploy several exhibitions simultaneously in different places without the need to move any object.

Once created, the Preview is then digitally forwarded to the designated host/space, where it will take the physical form of the video projection. A single piece of content becomes multiple as it adapts each time to the nature of the location or space and is presented in never predictable sequence patterns.