Nonterritorial has developed the format of 'Sonic Exhibition', with the intention of opening a gap in the monopolizing attention that screen culture enjoys today. In a time when all public space is occupied by vision, we want to give space to hearing.

Contrary to the overwhelming distraction forced by the hegemony of the screen, in fact, listening proves to be a privileged way to deep concentration. The Sonic Exhibition is a space entirely dedicated to sound, the only protagonist. A place where you can immerse yourself in deep and active listening, configured in such a way as to make possible a contemplative involvement.

We are building an original Library, commissioning works, sound sculptures, and installations for various artists working on the frontiers of contemporary sound. The intent is to transform any space into an environment where it is possible to immerse oneself in sound.

The Sonic Exhibition reinterprets the space as a function of a new cultural experience, consisting of the three joint elements of sound, atmosphere, and context. During each session, the tracks are arranged to follow a specifically established temporal sequence. It is a never repetitive collection of acoustic works. It changes and evolves, constantly introducing new artists into the programming.