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Nonterritorial Foundation founded to facilitate experiential forms of art production and exhibition: an international non-profit initiative bringing together artists and exhibitors in an autonomous network that transcends geographical boundaries and bypasses the limitations imposed by conventional exhibition and circulation models.

Though radical and challenging, the goals of Nonterritorial Foundation are simple: to create new possibilities for artists by opening up international connections between them and locations. We wish to develop new models for how and where artists create and for the contexts in which what they create can be exhibited and experienced.

We are interested in generating unfamiliar artistic and aesthetic categories and experiences that privilege the intangible over the tangible: art that may not be immediately comprehensible as such by conventional standards or taxonomies yet that the viewer can immediately feel is the authentic.

While we intend to make the most of all the digital tools available, including an in-development of interface to help initiate and facilitate relationships and communications across the network, our emphasis is always upon enabling real relationships between real people in real space.

Such real spaces could be exhibition spaces and more unexpected: private and public locations. We collaborate with individuals, institutions, and entire cities.

Every exhibition is a collaborative effort. Often, however, it is not treated as such, and the responsibility falls exclusively on the artists. In the long run, such an arrangement can only have reductive effects on the art world as a whole. Nonterritorial's horizontal approach marks a break with this trend. In fact, artists, guests, viewers, and collectors all have an active role, and Nonterritorial is open to anyone who wants to contribute to this restructuring.

The artist benefits from the list of spaces that Nonterritorial offers throughout Europe and beyond, each with its own audience, which will grow as programming multiplies.

The role of the host is particularly important since the spaces themselves are the nodes that make up the Nonterritorial network. A network in which unpredictable intercultural affinities can arise, a living and constantly growing archive, a transnational audience and new ways to involve it.

Because Nonterritorial is an open platform, audience members are not limited to a predetermined mode of participation. The role of the spectator can develop seamlessly and involve more involvement.

Nonterritorial archives are open to all and can be used to produce further programming, collect works, research new artists and scenes, and invite critical or artistic responses.

There are no rigid criteria for what makes a space suitable for an exhibition. Nonterritorial spaces are chosen for their varied and sometimes ineffable qualities. Each space that hosts an exhibition becomes part of Nonterritorial's network, its engaged audience of artists, viewers, and collectors.

We consider commissioning to be an essential form of collaboration.


Nonterritorial has developed the format of 'Sonic Exhibition', with the intention of opening a gap in the monopolizing attention that screen culture enjoys today. In a time when all public space is occupied by vision, we want to give space to hearing.

Contrary to the overwhelming distraction forced by the hegemony of the screen, in fact, listening proves to be a privileged way to deep concentration. The Sonic Exhibition is a space entirely dedicated to sound, the only protagonist. A place where you can immerse yourself in deep and active listening, configured in such a way as to make possible a contemplative involvement.

We are building an original Library, commissioning works, sound sculptures, and installations for various artists working on the frontiers of contemporary sound. The intent is to transform any space into an environment where it is possible to immerse oneself in sound.

The Sonic Exhibition reinterprets the space as a function of a new cultural experience, consisting of the three joint elements of sound, atmosphere, and context. During each session, the tracks are arranged to follow a specifically established temporal sequence. It is a never repetitive collection of acoustic works. It changes and evolves, constantly introducing new artists into the programming.


We created a way to document, digitize and physically exhibit artworks without the need to move any objects. Cinematic Preview is primarily the documentation of a work of art presented in the form of video projections, itself a work of art and a space for "aesthetic experiences." Forms and images are linked together and shown in a flow, in which it is possible to get lost and travel wherever the images lead. The cinematic flow does not create a narrative to follow but a groove, a state of mind, an open landscape, where no direct indications are given but where it is possible to find coordinates.

The Cinematic Preview is, above all, an instrument of transmission. The work of art is a signal, and the Preview is its transmitter. Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to deploy several exhibitions simultaneously in different places without the need to move any object.

Once created, the Preview is then digitally forwarded to the designated host/space, where it will take the physical form of the video projection. A single piece of content becomes multiple as it adapts each time to the nature of the location or space and is presented in never predictable sequence patterns.

Nonterritorial Foundation is a non-profit company, registered in England and Wales, company number 12407439, registered office 5 High Street, Westbury on Trym, Bristol, BS9 3BY, UK

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